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The Upsides – Isolated Incidents

The Upsides – Isolated Incidents

The Upsides

The Upsides as featured before, are a 4-piece rock band consisting of Matt and Dan Fullam, Matt DaSilva and Hart Michelin. I’ve got to say, even their names sound kinda rockstar-ish to my ears. With their act taking place in New York City, the band definitely faces a lot of competition in the scene.

Having an indie rock band in 2022 sounds like a hard thing to do. Modern pop music has taken a shift in mostly rap and trap industry, leaving little room for other genres to thrive, The Upsides remain true and continue doing what they love and you can feel that, listening to their new release, Isolated Incidents. The song takes you back some years, where The Kooks, The Strokes and other great names of the genre used to rule.

The band has its own character and style with crisp-sounding guitars, a great frontman with full-bodied vocals and a banging rhythm section that keeps everything tied together like glue.

Isolated Incidents, released on October 5, 2022, is a great example of what’s happening in New York’s indie music scene at the moment. Great vibes, great lyrics and musicians that really mean business.

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