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Anastasios Tsambazis – Dance of the Vagabond Stranger

Anastasios Tsambazis – Dance of the Vagabond Stranger

Anastasios Tzambazis is a composer residing in the U.S.A.

His cinematic music is a work of art that could be a great fit on a number of different occasions. Dance of the Vagabond Stranger feels like a Noir movie soundtrack, something you could hear in a setting like the 1880s in London while you’re hunting for clues to capture Jack the Ripper.

I find it amazing to be able to set a mood like that through music; it takes great talent to make a brain paint a scenery just by listening to some different notes being put together.
Anastasios Tzambazis is a modern composer with really great ideas. His music feels like it could be part of great cinema pieces and his aesthetics are top-notch.

Combined with a really well-made production and amazing sounds and textures, Dance of the Vagabond is a composition that deserves appraisal and recognition.

It was a pleasure listening to this and taking the time to write up about it.

Many thanks to Anastasios, and wishes for the best of luck with his compositions.

You can find out more about his music in the following links:

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