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David Slowing – Divination I

David Slowing – Divination I

Over the last year & a half, we’ve all experienced tumult & tribulation; some more intensely than others. Whether we’ve had to endure the plague in public, weather extreme isolation, or navigate the pestilence via the eyes of an immunocompromised loved one, it is an experience that will stay with us for the duration of our lives.

David Slowing’s piece, ‘Divination I’, amalgamates these complex human emotions in a deeply introspective, cerebral manner, offering listeners both reflection & escape. Spiraling, assurgent arpeggios terpsichore across the pastorale drone, gifting the audience a minimalist landscape to explore amidst the wilderness of the modern mind. Flickers & flames of expansive texture underly the greater composition, allowing the true complexities to be enjoyed upon further, more intricate observations. This is a genuinely inspiring piece, & an important relation to the moments of today. 

Follow David Slowing further into the audial dreamscape he creates:


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