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Frolin – Try Again

Frolin – Try Again

After the storm, when the sun shines & green grows anew, & spirits rise up from their sequestered slumbers, we can see life from a refreshed perspective. The delicate composition, ‘Try Again‘, by Norwegian composer Frolin, encapsulates this mood to a meditative perfection.

Gentle, modal pivots on a warm, twinkling, singular piano traverse the moods of change & development. A Dorian refrain reminds us of the strength within, & to which access is granted through selfless pursuits, compassion, & recognition of the oneness of everything in the multiverse. Awash in the reverb of space, truly, one can feel their roots burying deeper, & their leaves stretching out toward the sunlight – the somesthesia of ontogeny. 

A master craftsman, please follow Frolin further on these explorations:

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