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Mekazazzo – Off The Air

Mekazazzo – Off The Air

Clouds hang overhead, as the magnificent sun shines through just enough to give the sky its blue & brighten the glowering mood. Steady flow, transporting yourself from one destination to the next; work/ class/ rehearsal/ home/ etc. The rhythm of life anchors one’s mind to its state of existence.

Meditative & cathartic, ‘Off The Air‘ by Mekazazzo is a nodding splendor for those headphone aficionados looking to weave their way through the troubles of the world today. With an old-school, boom-bap flare, the swing of the pendulous beat is organic & nutritious, while top-tier Dj skills brim to the surface & swirl subterraneously. Rhythm addicts, take that time, as Mekazazzo is bringing the analogous authenticity:


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