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Aitis Band – Chillblains

Aitis Band – Chillblains

A spectrum of darkness traverses the celestial planes, as the inevitable path of the sun is an all-consuming black hole; an abyss of nothingness. One dual counter to the light, & a representative divine consciousness (offering two sides of a mirror), the source & the reflection & subsequent ad infinitum remain immeasurable – fleeting glimpses of such incomprehensible multiversal existence.

Yet here we are, seeing stars 10,000 lightyears away. As such is ‘Chilblains‘, the newest single via Aitis Band, depicting that ephemerality; the space dust which created our universe, & still kicks around somewhere in our brains. Pulsating drones, drum machine enchantments, & captivating sonic explorations belie an inventive & agile composition. There is a calculated chaos here, which, when coupled with the meditative & ethereal vocals, establishes an aesthetic of ‘head in the cosmos, feet in the electric outlets’ (if one might go a little Oscar Wilde).

As a pre-release to their newest album, ‘AITIS III’, this is an exciting introduction; particularly when aligned with the other singles, ‘Deadzone ‘ & ‘Blank Check‘. That might be expected though, given the band’s history of excellent work, their being 3/4 the great Joan Of Arc, & the backing of such a terrific & distinguished record label as Record Label. So don’t miss; follow the links below & be sure to pre-order:


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