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Merry Christmas – The Flying Trombone Sisters

Merry Christmas – The Flying Trombone Sisters

Just as the year is ending I’ve discovered my cult heroes for 2021, named ‘Merry Christmas’.

Usually bands do holiday songs, and here we have it the other way around, which means a lot! Merry Christmas bring joy, happiness, colors, quirkiness, and lots of musical smiles to our ears. Having released a full-length album, The Night The Night Fell (2020) they are back at the frontstage – offering us an outstanding single The Flying Trombone Sisters. The single actually is a creation myth about three sœurs who created the entire universe while making a whole load of noise.

This track is here to brighten up your happy holidays in (any) a pandemic. Amazingly if you press play to the video you will experience in front of your eyes, for the very first time in the world, 50 and more different background footages, which accompany the playfulness and craftsmanship of Merry Christmas giving it all they have to this cosmos!

The Flying Trombone Sisters was recorded in the music room at Kashiwagi Community Center in Tokyo’s Shinjuku District during the production of The Night The Night Fell.

I love their spirit, craziness, and they are a smart bunch of souls. When math rock opens up to atmospherics (grandness and happiness) completely reconfiguring the status-quo, surely this always tells us more about the people behind the vision. Put on your happy socks, and pour your heart out on the dance floor, play it loudly on the freeway as you return home for X-mas (don’t forget to have your hands on the steering wheel), sing it to your dog, play it for your parents or neighbour or grand-ma/pa! Play it to the world for a bright, healthy and loud Merry Christmas!

What a treasure this track is. A big thank you to this band that is not afraid of creating art or sharing their feelings to us in an enlighting way. It’s time to fill the season with joy and Merry Christmas from the team.

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Merry Christmas are a ten-legged festive wonder tank from Tokyo. They blend elements of fuzz folk, math rock and pop into catchy melodic hooks impossible to assign to a single genre. Ben George (fmr. @CatsandCatsandCats, Glastonbury 2006), Matthew Thoren (fmr. Placebo Sound, “Three Lights” Soundtrack Berlin Film Festival 2017) and Joe-Joe Moran-Douglas (fmr. At Risk) were brought together in 2012 through a mutual love of Neutral Milk Hotel, and after recruiting Yuki Nishimura and Yurie “Barihi” Yamaguchi (fmr. Lazs) the band developed an underground following in Tokyo.

The band played RingoFes (2018) alongside @ofmontreal, have been featured in the Bogota Film Festival with their video single Meredith Bites the Earth and have been mentioned in Rolling Stone France. Their debut full-length The Night The Night Fell was rated the #3 Best Album of 2020 by the UKs Beats to the Bar.

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