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Holy Molly – Bang Bang

Holy Molly – Bang Bang

Some songs feel like they are the next big hit just from the very first of seconds you start listening to them. Bang Bang performed by Holy Molly demonstrates exactly this. The vocals are spot on, the lyrics catchy, the build-up lasts exactly as long as it should and the beat shakes me just right. I really can’t say no to a good production. All sounds, especially the drumkit and bass seem to be handpicked one by one to accompany the lovely female vocals.

I feel like this song has a lot of potential and can be heard on a lot of different occasions, from a club to a premium retail store, from a night drive to a wonderful day at the beach. Fitting right in for every moment!

I think “Bang Bang” is probably one of the strongest stories I’ve ever written a song about. Imagine this picture: a very toxic relationship, addiction, obsession, domestic violence and everything in between. And in some cases, love is so strong it makes you blind to all those signs regarding your partner’s real character. This is how you can end up in the wrong place with no way to escape from it. From time to time, I think it’s important to talk about the world’s real problems, and domestic violence affects people all around the globe. Of course, I had an amazing team helping me create this song and outline the concept.

Holy Molly

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