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Shinra Knives – Girl Missing

Shinra Knives – Girl Missing

There are countless examples of Music producers who strike into the visual arts field, and Shinra Knives is a unique visionary that captured me from the very beginning.

Behind the electronic works of an album released in December named “In Grief” which you can listen to here, comes inspiration that’s drawn from the darkest moments in life, the passing of a father. Our mental health depends on how we adapt through life’s loops. Soothing suffering within a music calling? Without a doubt there is no way to tip-toe around life’s hardest lessons, however, we can resonate with one another through music and feelings. Shinra Knives has my love and respect. His approach is a work of progress, that needs much more of my time to dig in deep. And that I will do. As we float through bleeps and samples, there is always optimism crafted behind the symbolism. Check it out.

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