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Freedom Shapes – I Αm Α Fly

Freedom Shapes – I Αm Α Fly

Freedom Shapes has disguised his identity with a wild conceptuality. In the exploration of reality (or a nightmare), this low-key production structure strips back with fierce intensity to flicker into the space of an artistic line. It invites you politely to awaken any curious senses. While I declined his diabolic imagination a while ago with this track, today my approval as a listener shows that we believe in other people’s dreams. Though most still prefer unsalted tunes rather than the barking truth out of their speakers. Give it a spin if you’re a fan of Andy Kaufman, Frank Zappa, Beck, The Residents, Captain Beefheart or Suicide.

And the story goes:

I was detained in an Australian detention center for over a year after being on a cargo ship that caught fire in Australian waters. This is the sound of the fly in my prison cell.

Freedom Shapes

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