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Habitat Canada – Blindsight

Habitat Canada – Blindsight

Habitat Canada -

Habitat Canada is an Indie Electronic artist from -guess where- Montreal Canada.

The inspiration for the project comes from the visual stimulation and the groaning sounds of the infamous Prophet synthesizer. For those not familiar with Prophet, just think that 90% of synthwave music shares the awesome sound of the synth, giving the genre, the character we know of.

Habitat Canada music is inspired by a past vision for the future, created in the present with a mission to make sad robots dance. The combination of soothing melodic verses with outlandish choruses and disco grooves is something that in my opinion would have C3PO, R2-D2, and Wall-E on their toes, riding the wave.

The song Blindsight is a really groovy piece, with an emotional chord progression and a production that get your head shaking in no time. I really love the development throughout the song, more and more elements pop out from left and right, the prophet growls, and the atmosphere is set.

Take this for a car drive, listen to it while you play video games, go for a run with Blindsight on your headphones, the track really works its magic everywhere.

You can find more about Habitat Canada at the following links:


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