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Ari Bradshaw – Can’t Help But Fall For You

Ari Bradshaw – Can’t Help But Fall For You

Ari Bradshaw is a talented musician whose storytelling and songwriting are bound to leave you full of emotions. Influenced by artists such as Avicii and Skrillex, Ari started producing electronic music at the age of 12. As time passed artists like Kanye West, Bon Iver, B.o.B, and Dr. Luke played a strong part in his sound.

Today he’s introducing himself to us with an emotional track called “Can’t help but fall for you“. The track is minimalistic, with a nice guitar riff repeating throughout the whole song while the vocals deliver all the rest.

I got hooked to the song by the first ten seconds, where the lyrics first kick in. There’s something I couldn’t describe at first that made me fall in love with the track but as I listened, again and again, I found that I really enjoyed the repetitiveness of the lyrics. I guess I’m a simple person, I hear a nice melody, and my ears tingle like some kind of musical “spider-sense”. I enjoyed the whole production, nice effects used on the voice, strong groove, and a clean approach with no drama.

Overall, Ari Bradshaw’s “Can’t help but fall from you” is a track that belongs to every chill – lofi playlist and I’m making sure it finds its way to yours.

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