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Digital Carbs – In Limbo

Digital Carbs – In Limbo

Digital Carbs is the project of Munich-based artist Johannes Rest. Johannes decided to pursue his own musical path in 2018, after playing bass and writing songs in multiple bands. Since then he has been experimenting with genres and sounds and has definitely developed a unique style.

Hearing the song “In Limbo” gave me literal goosebumps. Johannes’s voice is dark yet reassuring, the chord progression accompanies the vocals to the same dark vibe, and all elements add extra tension whilst being intimate at the same time. That’s a combination you don’t find easily out there.  I got some Radiohead/Steven Wilson vibes from the whole track but not in a copy kind of way, more of an influence. There’s a raw energy in the track and I love that. The guitars are really well mixed together and the bridge/solo part sounded amazing to my ears.

Digital Carbs’ “In Limbo” takes you on a journey, so be sure to keep your eyes open to this amazing experience.


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