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Andreas Arianto – Riddles of A Marigold (Radio edit)

Andreas Arianto – Riddles of A Marigold (Radio edit)

Andreas Arianto

Andreas Arianto is a music producer and film composer based in Bali, Indonesia. In his music career, there are many highlights pointing to his genius songwriting and composition. After graduating from Universitas Pelita Harapan Conservatory of Music in 2007, he was appointed orchestrator and conductor for a concert tour with Indonesia’s biggest rock band SLANK. He’s taken part in many big projects such as the ASIAN Games 2018 closing Ceremony, ” The Raid 2″ movie trailer, and much more.

His song Riddles of A Marigold is an excellent composition that you could find as a soundtrack to a great movie or some top-of-the-line video game. As the song evolves, more and more elements pop from the speakers grasping your attention. The melodies are clear and nicely put and the orchestration is a work of art.

I’ll definitely put this song in my soundtrack playlists!

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Everyday we encounter this kind of mystery but not all of them are meant to be solved. But that’s what makes life so interesting and intriguing, a constant journey to solve our problems until we reach the finish line.

Andreas Arianto
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