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Maroulita de Kol – The Water

Maroulita de Kol – The Water

Maroulita de Kol -

Athens based artist Maroulita de Kol invites us on a journey with the first single ‘The Water’ from her debut album.

Introducing Maroulita de Kol, with the first single ‘The Water’ from her forthcoming debut album ‘Anasana’. The Greek artist, working between Athen and Berlin, in her debut work takes us on a journey through an accumulation of sounds, telling the story of one woman, in one place, at one time.

Bringing together traditional greek musical forms with modern sounds and Neoclassical frases, ‘The Water’ is a hymn to the feminine way of doing things. It is the preparation of a warrior that is never going to give a real battle. She is a female warrior. Her fight is of a gentle nature. She feeds from the water. Water nourishes her and gifts her with her special powers. The Water is a metaphor for the special powers that each one of us need to cultivate in order to handle the big revelations. To manifest the big changes. To discover the infinite creatures that we are. It is the first track of the album and its pianistic part is inspired by Maurice Ravel’s “jeux d’eau”.

Maroulita de Kol is a Greek pianist, singer, composer, and performer. For the past decade she has dedicated herself to researching and revising the storytelling and musical material of traditional Greek music; whilst also combining her background in classical music performance with the improvised noise and electronic music scenes in Berlin.

Her fresh approach brings together a cultural legacy and contemporary artistic practice that belies any particular genre. A founding member of Reverse Mode, Arcangel Trio, and Farmagia, de Kol has performed all around Europe and has composed music for theatre pieces, performances, films, and documentaries. In 2021 she will release her debut solo album. Her music has been described as ‘otherworldly’ and ‘mystical’.

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