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Brandon Michael – Take It Back

Brandon Michael – Take It Back

Brandon Michael -

Brandon Michael is a multi-instrumental songwriter and producer, based in Toronto. I guess something drives me towards artists playing different instruments, writing, and producing their own music.

People like Brandon have a magical quality of knowing what sounds come out of each instrument and that gives them a real edge in songwriting. The thing is, being a musician and mastering one instrument, takes time and effort, so take that and do the math for what it takes to be a multi-instrumentalist writing music that really gets your head shaking.

Brandon’s music is a mix of bedroom pop with an indie, neo-soul approach dressed with some sincere, emotional vocals and lyrics. His song Take It Back is a really groovy indie-pop track with a 70s feel and some great vibes to go with it.

It’s a song you can listen to any time of day and I can definitely call it an instant mood fix. Really love the clean production, the backing vocals, and the composition.

It’s worth mentioning that Brandon has also released several albums and EPs as a member of “Most People” and “Precious Jewel“.

You can get social with him on Insta or TikTok.

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