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Bernie Rosa – Thank you (for coming home)

Bernie Rosa – Thank you (for coming home)

Bernie Rosa - Thank you (for coming home)

What is more comforting than the embrace of a loved one? As we navigate the modern tumult, it seems our connections have become magnified, & such refuge means all the more. ‘Thank you (for coming home)’, the exquisite solo piece from NYC artist Bernie Rosa, captures this gratefulness – this appreciation of love’s simple exchanges – with masterful detail & subtle grace.

One carefully nuanced, warm pianoforte, & an extravagant, Satie-esque chordal rhythm; the foundation is a home in itself. Delicate, luxuriously placed singular keys tapdance on the raindrops of life’s thunderstorms, ornamenting the sanctuary with graceful blue notes & a sophisticated fluctuation. Apropos to it’s aesthetic, this is the safe retreat after the broader tempest; a melodic offering of comfort & peace.

With ‘Thank you (for coming home), Bernie Rosa shows an imperious artisanship, creating a refreshingly meditative & elegantly ethereal environment. Do yourself the favor of following along on the audial endeavors; see more here.

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