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Alex McArtor – He Don’t Like The Sun

Alex McArtor – He Don’t Like The Sun

Alex McArtor

Alex McArtor is a 19-year old singer-songwriter from Texas. With a pensive soul and a unique voice, she’s making her way into the music scene of 2022 with her new song “He don’t like the sun“.

In 2019 Alex released two debut EPs “Spoken Word” and “Heart Talk Vol I” and in 2021 another EP called “Welcome to the Wasteland” which according to Under the Radar, “represents her most symphonic and expansive work yet”.

Now Alex is back with her song “He don’t like the sun”, released on February 22, 2022. Her music, being a blend of alternative rock, upbeat & dream pop with a 90s flair, is full of energy and soul. With deep emotional lyrics, her powerful voice leads the way and dreamy reverbs set the mood.

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