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Nite Tides – Time

Nite Tides – Time

Founded in 2020 by producer Ryan Poole, Nite Tides is a unique sun-drenched indie-rock band based in Nashville.

Why should you get sunkissed by the alternative vibes? The 5-piece band produces really tight vocal harmonies, nice chord progressions, hooks that stick to your head, and amazing guitar solos.

When I pressed play to “Τime” I was pleasantly surprised with the composition, vocals, strings, and electric guitars all playing together without the usual epicness (or cheesiness) and you know, that takes work to perfect. As the song progresses, more and more melodies revolve around the vocals, be it violins swirling in one speaker, guitars answering back on the other speaker, you can find many beautiful elements combined. All these, backed up with a nice bluesy feel backbone of bass and drums, that hold the atmosphere together.

At around 3:00′ there starts the second part of the song as I imagined it in my head, a bit more Queen vibes there dare I say, the guitars take a more leading role, a solo emerges and the song goes for its exodus.

Overall, Time is a song full of surprises, I would definitely put it on some of my favorite playlists.

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