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Thomas LaVine – To Never Be Known

Thomas LaVine – To Never Be Known

Thomas LaVine is an artist born in Florida and raised in the small town of Blacksburg. He’s been creating music his whole life and through his song “To Never Be Known” this stands out.

There’s not a single second of the journey that I didn’t enjoy. The intro is really strong, the strings and vocals grab your ears and make you stop whatever you’re doing to pay attention. As the song progresses, more and more elements pop up. Make sure you lend an ear through a nice pair of headphones, you’ll be amazed! Entering the chorus, LaVine’s smooth vocals offer a nice hook that’ll get stuck to your brain. The production is flawless, I would really want to shake hands with both Thomas and the producer.

I’m not usually the ballad type of guy, but what can you say! Thoman LaVine states he treats every song like a canvas, painting it with different colors, so for me, that’s a canvas I would definitely take home with me and frame to a place for everyone to see.

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