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Gemma – Maseti

Gemma – Maseti

This year’s ending has brought me another step closer to my favorite Cretan band Gemma.

A personal point of view.

To be honest I’m really grateful to Ria for introducing Gemma to me a short while ago. How come they became instant favorites penetrating to the musical depths of my soul? It’s really simple – they speak to me, in darkness or in light. Gemma is an amalgam of multiple styles including psychedelic rock complimented with zesty electronica and alternative formulations of the post-era. Remaining hypnotic they gently guide you at first with their dynamic motion and then you’re eager to discover a new philosophic note each time you hit play.

I created this blog years ago with a genre-free mind as a vision to write about music I love, so speaking in my terms, for the same reasons I love Transistor’s – Living, or Faithless’ – We Come One, or Sleepin Pillow’s – Amplifier In My Heart that’s exactly why I love Gemma’s – Μασέτι. Perhaps their music lights up the moments, however, the journey is worth for miles to cover. It makes me feel part of a whole, connected, loving, and rebellious in its melodic joy.

Video Contributors | Main Idea: Kaparos Giorgos, Eleanna Apostolaki, Filming: Aleksandros Iliakis, Montage: Kaparos GiorgosCostume design: Eleanna Apostolaki, Artistic make up: Athina Veridaki, Lighting: Manos Foustalierakis (Quality Sound), Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Juggling performance: Efi Lempesi (ovaproject)

As the Μασέτι video starts to play, instantly you sense something big is about to happen. Danili Evangelia’s ethereal tones trademark vocals that could shake any heart, though bring out an epic underworld force at an instant. A mermaid at the shore, that once hits the ground turns into an Amazon. That’s how feverish it hits me. This musically carved special place is mythical and mesmerizing. Kaparos Giorgos (production, composition, loops, synths, guitars), Mavrogiannakis Nikos (drums), Paschidis Anastasis (bass) and Spinthourakis Apostolis (percussion, lyrics) tune in to bust out the moody soundscapes which are quite spellbinding. Wearing anonymity masks on stage they perform perfectly in place capable of captivating any hunger for music.

Photo: Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδόπουλος

If this arrangement was a canvas, Gemma would fill up all the white space with varying levels of speed and music purpose. Anyone can dance, feel the sharpness of thoughts, hold hands in the air around a mantra of sounds that will follow them forever.

I would personally like to see the band ‘big in Europe’ as they are export-ready, to unite the world with their unique Cretan message. Μασέτι spins with impeccable basslines, loops, and full-throttle percussion just like in any rock hearted drum ‘n’ bass. Perhaps Massive Attack or Prodigy can be fused in the background while Liz Fraser is peaking around the corner. This is how powerful the band’s eclectic ethos of creating a theatrical dream-storm into the solidarity of the future can awaken us any moment now. Gemma transmits Art. The rest is yet to be lived, together at a live – stage, just like in the video…

Photo: Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδόπουλος

A sharpened knife, Maseti for Gemma is all about the contrasts, the conflicting elements and the choices we make. In a society in which anything that exceeds the limits of regularity is considered reprehensible, we must gather the strength to cut down our shackles, stand strong in the face of fear and let ourselves be free to express what we truly feel. A party beyond restrains.



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