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Al Maari – Nobädy

Al Maari – Nobädy

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Nobädy’ is a cry from the heart in response to the negativity of the media, in which the notions of love, mutual aid, and positive action have disappeared because they are not sellable. To chant “Nobädy” is a way to exorcise and break this vicious circle by stating “I am not alone, we are no longer alone“.

Al Maari aka Florent Maaratié has a defined and authentic fresh sound. As a true descendant of the great controversial poet Abul’Al Al Maari (in the Middle Ages) the music he creates is a long-living testament of humanism blending East and West traditions. The alt-pop/electronic zest blends freely with traditional Arab instruments (such as the Saz) adding up volumes of liveness. Al Maari is aware of his vibrant cultural and colorful aestheticism. He lights up the Touareg fire and speaks for those that would otherwise be silentious. If he is sharing the stage with Bombino, I think you’ll have to be calling out ‘Nobädy’ for everyone!

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