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Home Movie – Always Said

Home Movie – Always Said

Home Movie is the solo project of Jersey-based Sam Bowen.

Sam Bowen is a producer who combines homemade loops with pop influences, mixes them with lofi aesthetics, and creates an original bedroom sound of his own. His song Always Said is a debut experiment, recorded and mixed in Sam’s own bedroom.

I guess I’m glad we’ve reached an age where you don’t need a huge studio full of racks and analog equipment, to make great music. You just take what’s in your heart, place it all in your music, and share it with the world.

That’s what made me fall in love with Always Said, it’s such a simple song, almost minimal someone would say. Yet, has so much impact that hits you directly to your soul.

I love Sam’s voice and his enthusiastic approach to music, from his song I can feel there’s been a lot of trial and error, lots of tinkering, and a great amount of experimentation.

Overall I believe songs like Always Said belong in life’s soundtracks, it’s an original song, inspired and a great mood set(er).



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