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Kid Kin- Control (feat. The Bobo)

Kid Kin- Control (feat. The Bobo)

Control is a hypnotizing piece. The song starts with delicious vocal samples repeated throughout, creating a soft and melodic trance soundscape. The Bobo’s voice is completely ethereal, and it’s almost used as an instrument; it sounds like one of the celestial pads that are part of the production. It keeps you playing with silences and calm melodies that explode, keeping you engaged along the journey. The visuals that accompany this tune fit perfectly with what is coming through our headphones: entering into a forest where you don’t see the exit but you don’t want to leave the magical space either.

Musically Control is a gorgeous, hymnal tune with Maria’s (aka The Bobo) blissed out vocals floating across percussion swirls and dense synthesisers. The euphoric instrumentation and haunting deliverycalls to mind contemporary artists such as Daughter and Chromatics as well as classic acts such as Cocteau Twins.

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