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Tommi Waring Feat. Emilia Ali – 100 Days

Tommi Waring Feat. Emilia Ali – 100 Days

Oh, my boy! It won’t amaze me to find this track tomorrow on Pitchfork‘s best new emerging artists!
It seemed like I couldn’t wait 100 days to air this on the website! There couldn’t be another perfect way to wish you all a happy musical month. From the sneak peaks in our incoming system, the track was a direct soulful (electronic) promise. Loads of talent alert! 
It’s of course on the October playlist and aired on our new radio show season on Paranoise Radio , the incoming weeks.
Full of immaculate winds of seduction 100 days is really not enough for the length of your replay list with this one. I don’t know perhaps I’m over excited (but I do remember when I get super excited on this blog right?). Florida based, Tommi Waring is our next bet of a successfully promising artist. His musical roots stem back to his great grandfather Fred Waring! The depth of Tommi’s voice is hauntingly sublime!  The track hits the hype with Emilia Ali’s stunning vocals, alternating the sounds to a whole new sunny level. It’s beginning, intro loops in your acoustic room’s gravity, and actually stays with you forever as you still aren’t aware of it though. Growing slowly and beautifully along with your musical footsteps you then add it on your rotation. Give him a big thumbs up and listen to his debut album Amore out on T.A.W records.  He is now currently refining his musical talents at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Really am looking forward to seeing Tommi’s future collaborations.

“As some people say, ‘music is life and life is music.’ Well I think in my own music, I’d love to be able to play the same impact as someone else did for me. There are other artists that I’ll listen to their albums, and those albums bring me back to that time period. I’d love to be able to do that for someone else down the road and tell a story. What else are you doing in life if you’re not sharing your art and you’re not telling a story of what you’ve done in life?”

After all Tommi Waring is something special to my feelings and ears and I’m just passing on the love or message (in my bottle). He has an amplifying stamina to grab hold of all the talent-interlinks with present or past folk/troubadours (Bob Dylan to John Mayer; Jeff Buckley to Ray LaMontagne)  he deeply loves so much ( and that breezes out of him, however with fresher touches that could also turn him a into a pro player in the soulful-future electronic scene). Time will tell, where his talents will flourish in what genre. It’s a big thing to carry all the craftiness that’s running through your genes. It’s “Music literature that chronicles the relationship of two people in love.”

giveitaspin for intelligent passion, a modern intensity and an amazing early accomplishment in the far-flung music world. Tommi Waring is a name I won’t forget this year. You can feel my astonishment falling in love with his voice. Whenever it get too busy to stop writing, I always remember it’s gems like these that make my heart run faster than the wind to replay a beautiful feeling….


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