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2L8-The Answer

2L8-The Answer

Good news! Τhe world has finally ended!

And now it is a time of pure joy. It is time to celebrate. For we still
have each other, we still have the passion, we still have the will. They
destroyed the world but they failed to destroy our mutual consciousness
and the thread that unites us all. It’s time to rebuild. It’s time to
reestablish. It’s time to form a new language. With new words. With new

We are post human, we are calling to send this last message to YOU.

The future depends on that tiny bundle of energy you hide inside.

Join us

The war is far from over

And we need you

Signed: He&She


We decided that all income produced from “The Answer” release will be
donated to causes that support the refugee crisis in Greece. This is the
3rd crowdfunded album for 2L8, it is your generosity that made the
album happen, so it is time to give back what you gave us. It is our
DEBT nothing more, nothing less to answer the distress call for what is
more important right now for the community, our people and ourselves.
Thus, all income from selling the album that will be generated from
online orders and at our shows will go where it will be mostly needed.

Take care,


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