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Sergio Napoletano – Go On | Song Premiere

Sergio Napoletano – Go On | Song Premiere

We have fell insanely in love with power-dusted although sweet centered “Go On”. Premiering  Sergio Napoletano’s  newest EP is the biggest treat for us today.
If I ever owned a radio station “Go On” would be track of the weeks, alongside my favorite Afghan Whigs, Howe Gelb, Cure, Damien Jurado, Sun Kill Moon, REM, Nirvana, Deus, Pearl Jam, Stereolab, PJ Harvey, Cat Power etc.

Sergio Napoletano‘s voice is crooning the intensity of life breaking and building events , drifting your belongings into the back seat of a roaring Thunderbird!  Such style of vivid realism and enduring inspiration. The band altogether has a true bond, hurling melodic sparks through musicianship. “Go On’ is a lyrical explosion of feelings with a raw taste of seductiveness.
” it’s easy to learn it’s easy to care, … it’s easy to love “
It’s a song that hooks you from the very first of seconds, as a beast of beginnings with no alternative endings. All you want to do is play it again in your heart, in your mind. Sergio’s compelling wheeze as he exhales on each words ending will softly haunt you most intimately. That’s always what we wanted to feel with rock n roll, a connection very pure although libidinous.

The whole EP actually is a perfect American rock testimony of the passionate romantics. Sergio’s sound surely rattles the spine and tingles the musical system in such mysterious ways leading to an unmistakable confession of falling in love with his aura. The destiny of his songs are always calling you to follow him into his own space and time recharging inner faith to wander within a mystifying atmosphere.

 Napoletano and his band can go from light and airy to gritty and tight, sometimes trading their sweet polished sound for a more clunky
indie-rock vibe which often demonstrates the real strength of their
music: concise, well-written songs and undeniable musical chemistry… in
the tradition of the great american songwriters.. with the universal
appeal of straight rock and roll.
Sergio Napoletano – Acoustic/Electric Guitar/Main Vocals
AJ Pantaleo – Drums/Percussion
Paul Schalda – Electric Guitar/Back Up Vocals
William Schalda – Keys
Christian Mcallen – Bass/Electric Guitar
Thomas Pistilli – Bass(Go On*)
 Enjoy everything uploaded on the official website. 
This Staten Island NY, rocker has the greatest tape collection!
Don’t forget to head over on bandcamp too, to get all the music you can.

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