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Jozzef-River Man (Nick Drake cover)

Jozzef-River Man (Nick Drake cover)

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When a cover of Nick Drake blinks on the radar, solitude and melancholia are a chapter of a fresh book that’s about to be opened. This is where talented Israeli singer Jozzef steps in our plot today, warming our heart with pastoral colors as his voice can carry you away from the legend to a different future memoir of heartfelt songs played over and over again. With a haze of ambition, after gaining great reviews and positive momentum for his first video (War Is Over) the indie folk-pop virtuoso just released the next single from his striking debut album, and is about to embark on a European tour to promote his music to new fans.

The original minimal arrangements, enjoy a rich layered production treatment pinching an extra glimmer to the skies. (as it develops through the end, the chills get greater) This version is a labour of love and tribute to the man of a giant heart that changed the cult folk scene forever. Jozzef caught our attention the best way possible enigmatic, elegant and captivating from the very first of seconds. After playing the electric guitar for some of the biggest names in the industry over the years he chooses to start this journey solo. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Beck, Radiohead and others, he creates a full range of sounds for you to love, from soft caresses to vibrant intensities some of which feature mesmerizing string arrangements.

“Oh they come, and go”… always remember your place in time and feelings will flow..

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