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Watch: Grammar Tree – Bigfoot

Watch: Grammar Tree – Bigfoot


“If the crown fits, wear it…”

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boom-drum-bap challenging outer-self-echo intellectual hip-hop on a high branch to fly away with the truths #giveitaspin

Some sentences just hit you like a train on a lazy day, and shake you up into an infinity of unraveling mind travels. I tend to bleed for tracks that make me feel more alive rather than just kicking my subconscious with a feelgood vibe, however believing that a balance is the best beat for your ear space. Things happened rapidly with these guys today, a kinky love at first sight kind of thing promising me to stay humane at all times.
Grammar Tree, the DIY indie hip-hop group from Jacksonville (Florida) have captured my headphones setting all rationalized thoughts on fire. Something or someone emphasized the words through this dome of beautiful irregularity of a hip-hop beat in a long time. Grammar Tree is an open window into an odd mind, as I start picking on the “lyrics” such realistic poetry is so damn gorgeous not to be treated with love from a new fan.

Rapper/spectacle adj. (adjective) is an A+ on deep lyricism and together with producer/renaissance man Brian Squillace (of Sea Cycles) they are questioning the boundaries of hip-hop. Their optimum musical onomatopoeia is true to be a personalized style signature.

Known for their live shows, they have shared stages all over the Southeast U.S. acts like with Astronautalis, Blueprint, Sage Francis, Soliloquists of Sound, and more. Grammar Tree, oxygenize the scene with unique alternative ambrosia treating the feelings and sounds with respect however raw to the core. Today’s featured track “Bigfoot” directed by the glitchmaster Zane Hall ( was written at a time when both members were going through breakups with their respective partners. All you have to do is keep up with them until the release of “The Last War” album, early next year. I’m getting it for sure…but until then streaming the past below. What’s next up on the playlist -you say? Well I would spin this track

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