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Athenian NU WORLD MONKEYZ bring revelation to our ears.
Frolin – Try Again
McDead – Loan Star
deo autem nihil – atmos
Roleplay - My Sun
Roleplay – My Sun
Delta – Swimming
aonian ascent © Alex Kozobolis 135kb
Aonian – Ascent

Athenian NU WORLD MONKEYZ bring revelation to our ears.

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“A new planet was recently discovered
the planet is called the New World.
New World is very similar to Earth
the planet is inhabited by monkeys
that are particulary groovy
they call themselves…”

have brought some sort of revelation to our ears. File their music under the “unexpected”. The Athenian new music collective involves a number of 10 who share love for music genres like trip-hop, synth-pop and indie-electronica. In this genre-full evolution throughout the debut EP “Cloud 9 with a Gag” they bring the wonders of life into the music world reflected by spiced up lyrics and some sort of twisted sentimentality. This ape twist is rather their trademark as a biological trait to pursue the voices running through the Nu World DNA. Their kooky look on life is what I love most about them. It’s the best compliment and hairy hug I could give to all.

Initially, all tracks are connected. You always have an essence of a track you loved in the 80s-90s-00s however the samples, change of vocal personalities and mood shifts makes it the freshest loop by far in 2017 coming from sunny Greece. There is nothing like it in the world right now and I’m thinking seriously to get on their  next voyage and find out more about the New World living, decoding all the answers into questions. Popping beats, loose strings and synths, spaced out bass (don’t forget scratches, banana trees and German Beer from special guests) bring hedonism on the plate out of stereotypes and cliches. It’s a possitone, a new quantum messenger I just made up, to make people more happy even in the darkest of times. With some Salt’n’Pepa and Southpark snippets also included it’s a deep dive into slabs of quirky and kind wizardry that remind us of our humane habitats that get lost in the Clouds of Gag in ever day’s boredom and absurdity.
Perhaps that’s the spirit of it all. How to mix things up and stir them. As I’m listening carefully to everything the passed days, songs pop up on my radar however they leave me in the same way, not staying for a cup of tea with Alice in Wonderland. 
If Spiritualized where cousins with Gorillaz and spinned on the same lyrical frequency as Dagmar Krause’s avant-gardism in Slapp Happy  perhaps after many generations the aesthetic humor of NU WORLD MONKEYZ would arise. I have that kind of cult feeling throughout. Well mates, the thing is that the Monkeyz remind me of things out of their comfort zone genre and that ability to take me on a trip with a supernova slingshot however a deep one is absurd and I love it! You never really know whats coming on the next corner of each track. 
After pressing the Warp button we begin to fly into another EP world. It’s MEL PUN & MOE’S “Lo​-​Fi Greek Songs Samples Mixtape Extravaganza that we have also featured on the giveitaspin radio show. 
Samples from Anestis Delias, Manos Hadjidakis, John Floriniotis, Manos Loizos, Vasilis Tsitsanis, Lakis Papadopoulos, Taxi and Ed Wood (Plan 9 from out of space) just make the journey even more desirable into the unknown. We always love big musical families and NU WORLD MONKEYZ I’m sure will be in the studio to tone out some more futuristic surroundings to pleasure our souls in the near future. Even if our evoking drones won’t come out to neutralize us yet our cross-breeding music will keep the machines moving, for as long as we call Earth a NU planet everyday. 
Find the NU WORLD MONKEYZ on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook and Tumblr.
After listening to the albums grab yourself some popcorn and get into the Plan 9 below.
Thank you  Mel Pun,Notlz, Wanji, Fraise Purple Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe and George V for everything! Awaiting for the next escapade.
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