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Why is “Apollo” by Cyanna Mercury such a colorful, gloomy flare?

Why is “Apollo” by Cyanna Mercury such a colorful, gloomy flare?

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I’ve been following Cyanna Mercury since the day it was just Cyanna. It all happened out of the blue when music friends, members of Transistor (another fantastic Greek band you must place in your heart) told me to give them a spin!

There was nothing lurking in the underground Greek scene at the time so paganistic and dark-folk-rocking, rattling bones and chanting to the traditional souls to come alive! Alas, it’s time to jump out of my spot as being a silent fan for years and tell the world what’s the latest news. The self-released Archetypes LP had come out in November during 2016. It was some time now since I played the record and it just all came splashing, back to me.

They have lately produced a video for Track no.4 Apollo off the LP. It tripped me up so hard as I was watching, mesmerized again, breathing in the short staggering sea motion with a colorful flare of poetic lyricism.

Why is it Apollo though? A moody track under 2mins to unfold the Archetypes circle nearly a year after the full album release? I believe any hardcore lover of the band can answer the question but the same will go for someone who has never heard before of Cyanna Mercury. They play earnest, psychedelic affected music that reflects a deep emotion to a worldview of pain, hope, progression, and love. Apollo is a great ancient awakening, a gloomy ode convicting us to live for today, and every tomorrow.

Now I would like all of you to please press play on the full album. It will be a life changer and we shall continue to support such atmospheric thinking bands.


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