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Charlie Lane is back with an indie story behind “The Darkest Time”
Frolin – Try Again
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Roleplay - My Sun
Roleplay – My Sun
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Aonian – Ascent

Charlie Lane is back with an indie story behind “The Darkest Time”

chl the darkest time album art

Well, it’s still Summer – September – time in Greece and we have gotten off holidays and back to work. I’m waiting for a big old haunting Monday ahead surrounding my desk. That’s exactly where Charlie Lane kicks in just like an alternative Superpower hero to create a track for my aching – do I have to be – a workaholic heart.

You remember well, we featured a track a while ago from Charlie, and I’m still hooked on her vocals and the indie zest. I love how her tracks have a human aspect to problems, digits or feelings, not just making things up, but also creating a difference for the listener. “What I cannot do, or do not want to talk about, I sing about. This song is about an absolute loss to the point where I thought there was no point anymore. Inspired by PTSD. Dedicated to all those who have it.”, Charlie spoke up.

I respect my alternative jellybean tracks, I eat one every day and feel even better! It’s real people making truthful music for you, just dive in and give it a spin! I honor this as a Monday track, just after New Order’s – Blue Monday. Wait around for new material.. it will be a fun month from down under.

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