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Charlie Lane is back with an indie story behind “The Darkest Time”

Charlie Lane is back with an indie story behind “The Darkest Time”

chl the darkest time album art

Well, it’s still Summer – September – time in Greece and we have gotten off holidays and back to work. I’m waiting for a big old haunting Monday ahead surrounding my desk. That’s exactly where Charlie Lane kicks in just like an alternative Superpower hero to create a track for my aching – do I have to be – a workaholic heart.

You remember well, we featured a track a while ago from Charlie, and I’m still hooked on her vocals and the indie zest. I love how her tracks have a human aspect to problems, digits or feelings, not just making things up, but also creating a difference for the listener. “What I cannot do, or do not want to talk about, I sing about. This song is about an absolute loss to the point where I thought there was no point anymore. Inspired by PTSD. Dedicated to all those who have it.”, Charlie spoke up.

I respect my alternative jellybean tracks, I eat one every day and feel even better! It’s real people making truthful music for you, just dive in and give it a spin! I honor this as a Monday track, just after New Order’s – Blue Monday. Wait around for new material.. it will be a fun month from down under.

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