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Ivan Dorn reveals “Opmonis” his new single with DJ Vakula!

Ivan Dorn reveals “Opmonis” his new single with DJ Vakula!

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Ivan Dorn is a mastermind of rich atmospheres thus refusing to be labelled on his professional sensations. You might as well know the Dorn force started breaking out back in 2012 and the Ukrainian house-pioneer established himself steadily up to today, all leading to Opmonis (ОПОМНИСЬ) a fresh collaboration single with DJ Vakula.

The track carries a message to our musical DNA, it’s a “kick to the head” according to Dorn. Created explicitly to make you forget problems even for 5 seconds and reinforcing positivity to our lives’ beings. Indeed that’s just what it does! It deeply hooks with our primitive side and we can feel every sense of the revolutionary word. Drop everything you’re doing and feel the deep house rush.


My goal for life is to leave a huge artistic footprint and for people to remember me for bringing alternative music into Ukrainian culture, I want my name to go down in the history books.”

Dorn has an upcoming single around the corner with French act Her and is currently working with Seven Davis Jr on a project in Los Angeles, also making plans to visit the UK to perform live in early 2019.

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