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This Week’s Best Tracks!

This Week’s Best Tracks!

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Welcome to this week’s Best Tracks on, a roundup of the most intriguing incoming music takes. Every now and then we’ll recommend new or past releases that get to our ears. Niki has picked out some all-time favorites with a ‘spin’ and it feels very soothing for a Summer soul fest. So here it is! Share and love, mates!


Tired Eyes Kingdom – Daydreaming (Radiohead cover)

Covering a masterpiece of a track isn’t easy. Although the organism of laptops and stompboxes that make up Tired Eyes Kingdom (TEK) has the freedom to run around musically free and naked from misconceptions. In the end, TEK makes me feel “there”. Stuck in the beautiful moment of stuttering melancholia. The same one that Radiohead traps me into. And I swear I could never come out even after thousands of replays. Fatigue and megalomania – this is how you could read the band name, among which Elif Dikec, Isabelle Pabst, Felix Nisblé and Yotam Schlezinger got together.  TEK states the cover song started with a broken flute sample and some Moog bass line playing heavy 16th notes along with the chord progression for Daydreaming. And for sure there is no turning back! Well, an amazing 12-inch vinyl is waiting for you on their Bandcamp site. Make Thom proud and re-tweet this great version!

Babybird – No Cameras

For the first time in 21 years, Babybird is releasing a new LP Photosynthesis.  The simplicity that exists throughout No Cameras picked today, is actually full of minimalistic intelligence to leave everything in place or messed up. As a fan, I found the electronic effects and the chase of happiness again in his theme of musical storytelling. That was a huge comfort. However his fragile broken ballads are made, it adds up to a lifetime of opinions and truths. Please leave your selfies at home and enter the brave complex world of Stephen Jones.

Hēran Soun – Barricade

Hēran Soun could be Jeff Buckley’s long lost brother. Born in a muted world his hearing went from 15% to 0% the first years. At age 9 he could finally hear again, after spending time-tossed between hospital surgeries and treatments. Was it during that time span his mind raged on rich soundscapes? And oh my,  his talent … listening to Barricade extremely summery alone and clichéd in a room with a cold beer in hand, I’m in an electric flux for this moment to stand still in mortality. Catch his debut!

Stereo Match – Worship You

Stereo Match is a fresh band making their way in the alternative pop scene. They have a DIY concept of making self-recorded music in their lockout space hidden behind a flower shop in West LA. Their vibe is clean and beautiful where everyone and everything plays a role. Worship You is their debut single. As they tell us: “the song is a hypnotic ode to the idea that we all are looking for something to believe in, something to make us feel like we belong”. The track is the first from a collection of songs recorded during the last year with Young the Giant guitarist, songwriter, and producer, Eric Cannata. I thought the video was pretty cool so here it is!

Ilya Alabuzhev – Will to live

Will to live is taken from the same-titled debut of Ukranian bassist and composer Ilya Alabuzhev. It’s a long time I’ve strolled in those jazz fields a little beyond the mainstream concept. Inviting, caring and unique this song’s musical vision is very strong and the band is very talented. I feel inspired by the vocals and personal lyrics, the multi-cultural climate expanding in the video and the fantastic production. It’s nice to feel that deep connection flowing through somewhat form-free jazz. You can buy the album here. And learn about the album process here.

Mattia Cupelli – Electric Shrines

Mattia Cupelli is an Italian composer/producer based in Rome, Italy. He merges Neo-Classical/Soundtrack/Ambient sounds with modern Minimal Electronic music. His last works are highly influenced by artists like Nils Frahm and Nicolas Jaar and try to make acoustic and electronic instruments co-exist, this sets the basis for his sound. I saved this video best for last! It’s the sound of spiritual unity. When improvision balances over programmable music shrines. The videography is structured like the most beautiful maze you could get lost into. From the physical to the true-scale, the nature of things is the breadth of music over the heart’s lingerings.

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