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bensnburner – Meanwhile

bensnburner – Meanwhile


Ok, so I got a load of incomings from bensnburner. And timing tells it’s own story. In the meanwhile motion, I finally opened up the sandbox to hear some rad bass playing from Ben Krahl. To tell you the truth it’s no longer a one-man project (since 2012) and many artists are involved. You can scroll on the official website for more info here. 

It all sticks into a “social experiment” where freedom is given to the group to explore their dynamics, experimentalism risk-taking and responsibility all through musical perfection. There is another main reason I decided to speak up with my feelings for this music. bensnburner’s upcoming album is recorded in an empty 400 square meter hangar with a 30 meters high ceiling to let the sound breath as much as possible. I think you can feel the different approaches of depth within the creative process which is nowadays much respected.

For all you escapists, hop on the train of meanwhile city.

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