‘Bluefields’ is a tempting 10 minute debut from Fabian Zé!


Falling instantly in love with ‘Bluefields‘, that’s all you can do and surrender! Smokey vocals with those Cat-ish Power likings and Jay-Jay Johanson swept away sounds. Was Eric Truffaz in the room? I’m dreaming of course with some analogies of the past.

“Bluefields” is a story about a relationship, break-up and solitude and the rediscovery of oneself.

It’s a poetic and classical concept of jazzed-in downtempo electronica made in London.

Fabian Zé has created a project of artistic self-determination.  He teamed up on his debut with various friends of musical talents. Recorded at Fox Lane & Goldsmiths University, Amy Yon & Rowan John are the vocal story-tellers, and we have Rosie Judge (Violin), Fifi Homan (Cello), on the top-brass Jonny Woodham (Trumpet), Alex Wesson (Trombone), Stefan Lacina (Bass) and Stefano Illotta (Drums).

The track divides itself into two parts like an operetta. It starts off creating an atmosphere, and somewhere in the middle, it fleets into infinity. Finishing in a pulsating polyrhythm of sounds it bursts into a dynamic conversation of the heart. The top-brass build up slowly on a feeling making everything ripe, which is quite admirable in the foreplay of a re-discovery.

I grew up exclusively listening to classical music and still find myself very inspired by the format of a symphony: A long piece of music, with different movements that take you on a journey. Especially when experiencing it live I feel that it gives you more time to involve yourself deeply with the music. Songs often seem short-lived and break up the experience too frequently. Everything has to happen quickly today. I guess releasing a 10-minute debut single is my way to question this and encourage at least a few to take a break of the madness and dive into my world.

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