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St Serf – Lonny

St Serf – Lonny


It is an era of metastasis. This past year has given us all a new perspective on ourselves, on our interpersonal relationships – the relative loneliness of existence. Who are we singularly, outside of the broader, tangible context? Who are we multiversally?

St Serf’s newest single, ‘Lonny’, explores this profundity with a fantastically therapeutic catharsis. Mercurial, yet talismanic, the slackened pace steadies on, offering sanctuary for pushing forward through the thundershower. Sinuate melodies weave about the storm, tap dancing on the raindrops, catching sentimental rhythms & cadences in the depth of their moment. 

‘Chasing money, honey, chasing that fame. Played some music on Monday – no one came.’ This is one of the best organic, guitar-bass-drum songs you’ve heard in a while. Delve deeper into the music of St Serf:

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