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Madeline Tasquin – I Dreamed That I Was Flying

Madeline Tasquin – I Dreamed That I Was Flying

Madeline Tasquin

It was 2013 and the Californian-Canadian Madeline Tasquin had slowly been drifting toward her impressionistic music clarity writing the kickstart of “I Dreamed That I Was Flying” with a panther close by. It’s funny how some negative critiques about your art or work experiences can throw you in the right direction! Especially if you are a diamond. Some nearly ten years later, Madeline’s confidence and control are dictating the grooves we are featuring today a final cut of the released track. Enchanting and inspiring, it’s as if we are moving with effortless grace into a hypnotic vocal folkesque trance in the woods of life. She is a charmer, a soother of the heart, a wonder of the music world! I’m so thrilled to have met Madeline Tasquin through our writings, it’s as if she is a cosmic ray of light full of joy and positivity.

Revelations usually come from demos or discarded sessions. In our case, we are lucky “I Dreamed That I Was Flying” has stuck to our speakers for good.

Embrace her words about the track:

More than the song itself, this release has been about the act of releasing something that my inner critic tells me still needs work and creating this space to empower each other to do something that lives outside our comfort zone. I really believe that right now our species needs us ALL to be a little less comfortable and a little more vulnerable — to talk to strangers, to collaborate, to stop pretending to have all the answers in isolation, to be kind to people that our social group says we’re supposed to be disgusted by — if we truly WANT change and it’s not just a badge we wear to show the social groups we like that we’re part of their club.

Catch Madeline Tasquin here:

Art can change the world, heart by heart. As artists if we’re so hampered by our inner demons / bullies / protectors / critics / gremlins that we stay safely in our comfort zones, how can we venture into the wilder forests our imaginations are guiding us to? The world in 2022 needs us to stop playing it safe and start taking the baby steps towards being our most OUTSPOKEN selves.

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