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Benny Boeldt – 8 of Cups | Carpark Records

Benny Boeldt – 8 of Cups | Carpark Records

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So I’ve got my books, post-it, articles, pens, laptop and coffee all looking at me on a humongous wooden desk… After some Rayleigh theory, I just paused it all wondering  how much science info can fit in my brain (well you always say it’s full until it refills). There are these fancy green/goldish academic bulbs trying to light up the knowledge on each page. Somehow after so many hours at the end of the day,I transform into another being.. craving to discover the beauty of the nano-world that add up to a macro scale. If your into a hundred things of warp speed perhaps that the bpm you have to dance to…including sitting still on a chair. I wonder at what speed the minds of the enlightened accelerate…
Always searching for a magical soundtrack that will lift me away, while I’m reading creating a hype state of abilities vs reality.  A state where you nearly fly above the universe, look at the equations and play with them in order to figure out the world you live in. Well it does sound wacky but as stated below this is a wacky cd 😀
8 of Cups is the solution to my recipe.

Benny Boeldt, from Baltimore known as Adventure releases a new record under his new alter-ego scope on Carpark records. 
All of the below words represent my inner feelings today.
How to express chaos into beauty.
Some particles exist to create others and stop to exist…

8 of Cups veers from
wacky to beautiful to chaotic; using gorgeous melodies, hyperactive
noise, and off-the-wall samples. The title is a reference to the tarot
card, which Boeldt found to be an accurate representation of his life as
he made the album. The 8 of cups card embodies the start of a new
journey, a transition, growing apart, and accepting one’s faults to move

The foundation of this strange, gorgeous, other-worldly record is made of VHS tapes. Boeldt began 8 of Cups
by culling through tapes of anime, horror, sci-fi, even instructional
videos, and collecting hundreds of samples; then arranging them on a
digital sampler. Songs like the stuttering “Have A Pizza” and “Valley
Amnesia,” with its lovely piano, got their start here. Boeldt began
composing via MIDI and altering the samples through various hardware
filters, effects, amps, and microphones in his Baltimore studio. With
Baltimore artist Sydney Spann’s (aka Sunatirene) contribution to “Phone
Call,” the process was almost like the lost-in-translation game of the
same name. Using a small part of Spann’s vocal take, Boeldt pitched each
sound into a new note, making her voice almost unrecognizable. For
Boeldt, the process of making 8 of Cups felt similar to drawing
or creating a collage. Working toward an amorphous image in his mind,
the result is something unexpected but welcome.

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