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Dan Smith aka SIGHT travels us to India. Trust me, it’s a soundscape you will never forget.

Dan Smith aka SIGHT travels us to India. Trust me, it’s a soundscape you will never forget.

It’s a giveitaspin August track

India is a destination on my map. Friends have traveled, and my best friend from when I grew up in Sydney era lives there (sometimes), so it’s always on my mind, arising in a dream state surface as a need to escape with the essentials, a backpack and headphones. Dan Smith has just swept my heart away, as I rest my nights on the balcony. I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the page but the weather is entirely hot and sticky so my brain refuses to collaborate with my keyboard in a balanced position. All I could do though is listen to this album “Monsoon, imagining myself somewhere 14hrs away (from #skg), with a bowl of rice and curry and huge eyes smiling at me. What a wonderful idea you have SIGHT travelling around the world gathering the sounds of the earth, and re transmitting them to us in an electronique aesthetic, which is really my soft side. I hope your compass points to as many destinations as you can, in order for you to share the musical journey with us, perhaps I might send you some of my field recordings as a token of this musical friendship.

As for now I shall put on the kettle and tell you a little bit more of this musical album. I really love how Dan balances his producing back in the studio with the field-recordings, freezing a moment in life for musical eternity. Just the right dosages of delicate sounds that can break a barrier of whispers. As you inhale this structure it soothes your neurons to adapt to your virtual settings that really just want to connect instantly with a human touch from the other side of the world.I feel this is a work carefully crafted with devotion and symmetry…just how to lock a new feeling each time you listen to “your” home in
India. A tireless exquisite replica of what was, to be. Why would you want to clone the sounds of days turning into nights? To feel the breeze of humanity on your skin again, to pinch yourself and feel alive in those musical moments in time…

An adventure of truly magnificent proportion, sleeping beneath the stars in the desert, the Bollywood acting fiasco & all the clichè hippy shit in between…

SIGHT’S album ‘Monsoon’ is a culmination of two months spent recording organic sounds throughout India. Starting from the continents most southerly state Kerala and then meandering up along the west coast until eventually reaching the northern capital Delhi. Along the way he recorded kids, buskers, camels, mantras, monks, people, holy men, bird song, temple bells and everything else in between.Second track Bombay (on our August playlist) is recorded from the sounds of the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai’s hand washing slum and largest facility of its kind in the world.Its put together with vocals chopped from the slums inhabitance, washingsounds, tablas & the cities metro.You can picture yourself floating in the background, all the aromas and feelings hitting your inner core. Dan Smith is an up and coming field recordist & producer hailing from the UK southwest, he’s been producing under the alias Sight for the last two years. Dan crafts his music by entwining field recordings he has recorded from every corner of the globe and then samples, re-processes & arranges them into a beautifully polished works that emanate foreign worlds. His work has been likened to Yosi Horikawa, Pogo, Bonobo, Prefuse 73 & HNNY.

A core belief behind his aesthetic is that the world around us holds detail and beauty –there is music all around us for those that wish to listen. Real world sounds possess vital idiosyncratic information, subtle tones & textures which enrich the recording; these nuances are lost within a clinical studio production, with this aesthetic in mind it is the core driver behind his music and the creative process.

Sight’s recordings have been featured on BBC introducing and as of 2016 made it into Yuri Suzuki & Moog’s modular sound installation The Global Synthesizer Project.

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