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Touboura – Immortals

Touboura – Immortals

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A lot has been written on giveitaspin about Sofia Touboura’s audiovisual connectivity with us. Much of the artistic imagery through her music strikes the most inner and skeptical standpoints of life’s pleasures and bearings. Often anxiously through Immortals, I can see the world become smaller and bigger again, sort of like a person staring down from a plane grabbing distance from the living souls. It’s digitally mediated fleeting the bigger question. Is there really, an(y) eternal love? 

Immortals is the first track from Touboura’s EP – “I died so many times that I became Immortal” presented last year – as the soundtrack of an audiovisual installation at the garden of Elika Gallery, triggered by the autumn equinox.

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Αθάνατοι μικροί θεοί της ζούγκλας Παλιά αγαλματίδια μιας άλλης εποχής Χορεύανε τα δέντρα στους παλμούς μας Γυμνοί πολεμιστές, χωρίς φύλλο συκής Γυαλίζανε στον ήλιο τα μαλλιά μας Τραγούδι το νερό του ποταμού Δεν έπαιζε ο φόβος την καρδιά μας Δε θέλαμε να φύγουμε γι’αλλού Και όταν ξυπνήσεις, Eκεί θα γυρίσεις, μαζί μου να ζήσεις

Immortal little gods of the jungle /Old statues of another age /Trees were dancing on our pulse /Naked warriors without fig leaves Our hair was shining by the sunlight /The river was flowing like a song /No fear to trick our hearts /No place else we’d rather be. And when you wake up, There you will return to live with me)

Extra spin: check out below the live music performance and visual installation by Sofia Touboura at Elika Gallery, September 29th, 2017.

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