Chersea’s video “Murphy’s Law” is an upbeat communicative experiment!

murphys law chersea artwork

Chersea’s new video establishes a new perspective through her own words: “whatever can go wrong will go wrong” to “whatever does go wrong will be acknowledged, understood, and righted by society”.

It’s good to know that fully formed efforts of indie-electro-pop tracks can still change the world for a better place. Chersea had a concept of “Murphy’s Law” and apparently everything went right on the spot. In order to hear your voice, there is some clarity at stake moving away from the noise of the outsiders. Chelsea didn’t need that kind of cubical space. Surrounded by colourful electro-pop tones of instruments and “protective layers” of speech, the track rises naturally. And even if the topic contains a form of vulnerability, the lyrics stand strong in confidence. It’s the brighter textures of her personality that are waiting to plug you in her world. “Murphy’s Law” seeks to join in the conversation of victim liberation, explaining how we must try to understand those who have experienced similar traumas. It intends to restore faith and provide a new perspective in the system of victim support. Time to speak up and take things off your chest, your heart is the strongest, and music by far the most aural heaven of all.

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