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Listen to achingly beautiful ‘The Drowning Bee’ by Jack Sage

Listen to achingly beautiful ‘The Drowning Bee’ by Jack Sage

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Achingly beautiful is Jack Sage to my ears. His slow paced depth of clarity based on a drowning bee narrative shakes up my thoughts on a cold Spring’s night. The emotional heartstrings are pulled to the point where it reminds me of Boy Omega or Perry Blake, deeply on a mission to expand the hot-air left in my lungs for a melancholic swift. The battle has just begun and the low gets to a high or a hi. It’s a revelation in its moment. Capture it in your heart.

I used to live in a cottage behind my landlady’s house, and she had a pool. There was a beehive nearby, and the bees would fly into the water and struggle on the pool’s surface, eventually dying. When I would swim, I would try to cup my hands and save them, but usually their struggling was too frantic, and I would need to drop them and the water from my hands to avoid getting stung.


Everyone is a drowning bee in their own way – even me as I create. We would like to change, but part of the reason change is so hard is that there is often something appealing about our flaws, or something scary about the hands that would save us. Often, that fear prevents the change from happening, even when help is right at hand.

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