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Электрические сады репталов – Мохообразные

Электрические сады репталов – Мохообразные


Things couldn’t get weirder for me today. I’ve made a new Russian reptile friend during the past hour that makes progressive electronica. Below is a photo of Электрические сады репталов saying hi!

Yes I know I don’t know any Russian language to speak out! Sometimes it’s better to use your imagination and sometimes it’s better to just connect with the cosmos.

We said a few words with my new mate. You can translate the one band name as “Reptals’ electric gardens” though I prefer the Russian name I can’t even spell.

Reptals (or reptoids, or reptilians) are shape-shifting humanoids who are behind the conspiracy theory. Secret government and that kind of things. This project was supposed to be a band, but for five years I can’t find musicians willing to play such material. So now it is just a one-man band but I have not given up yet. The album title is “Bryophytes, lichens and cyanobacteria of Svalbard island” and the whole album is based on the scientific book with a similar title. That track I sent for review is about bryophytes. It describes not only widespread species such as Hylocomium splendens but also very rare ones. Just kidding.  Album was recorded with one analog drum machine and bunch of cheap digital synthesizers.  To create this album I drew inspiration from Mort Garson – “Mother Earth’s Plantasia” and Bernard Fevre ‎– “Cosmos 2043”. The albums are not similar in sound, but there is something in common in the mood.


I have to dig into these rare albums of the past. Seeing the unseen. And feeling the known unknown. It gets even better!


Let me go on back to the album, I think today’s feature is a cult classic. If it was a vinyl print it would have been sold out for the diggers. With a sense of warmth and harmless possibility, this track ‘Мохообразные’ was made to save the planet from boredom for sure. I got lost in the fauna of electronic sounds. From an album which describes the biological characteristics of arctic cryptogamic organisms from the Svalbard archipelago specifically, the 10:22′ composition featured here today is dedicated to bryophytes.

If you do or don’t have a clue of what I’m saying, please buy the album here! Cheers to music, beautiful concepts and electro happiness. This really made my day! A big thanks to people that create from their hearts and souls, worlds for us to see, hear and tell to future generations.

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