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Gabacho – Mi Nena

Gabacho – Mi Nena

Self-described Psychedelic Latin Rock, from the first couple notes of the Chicago, rooted Gabacho’s ‘Mi Nena’, we are greeted with delightful, swirling melodies r/evolving around refreshing chord changes, thick textures, & bouncing rhythms. This reviewer was excited to hear such a sound, which seemed a step away from the 60’s era Beach Boys, contemporary far-out rock, akin to The Flaming Lips, etc, post-surf ala The Growlers, & a band like Los Hijos Del Sol (famous for their work on the compilation ‘The Roots Of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru’); all favorites.

A well placed & thematic lead guitar, full of harmonic texture, gentle bends, & stops/ starts throughout, along with a vibrant, arpeggiated synthesizer, & a dynamic drum & bass groove – this is the colorful palette of a dense forest. The vocals fall gently during verses, appropriately allowing room for the instrumentation to breathe before the chorus kicks into a future-past doo-wop type progression, which simultaneously sends us both comfort & excitement. The melodic phrasing is terrific here, moving through complex arrangements originally & effortlessly while maintaining an easy groove, & a strong ‘pop’ sensibility.


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