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Juni Habel – Demons

Juni Habel – Demons

For those who harbor monsters, it is known that they follow one wherever they go. Keeping wolves from the door requires constant vigilance, & God forbid they get let loose, lest they run on the tribe, loved ones, & oneself.

Juni Habel’s newest single, Demons, envelopes the listener in a cold, snow-capped landscape; one finds themselves wandering the woods at dusk, as sunset beams through the conifers, casting rainbow-colored clouds off the white horizon. Visibility fading, chasing down the last light at an ever-quickening pace, with each step heading deeper & deeper toward the thick of the forest. Suddenly, it appears: the demon; the wolf at the door – and one is left with a choice: flee it, or face it.

Featuring a haunting, fingerstyled acoustic guitar arpeggiation acting as a trail map to the track, while droning percussion picks up & puts down the tempo to suit the ever eddying melody. Sinuous strings swing & sway, lilting & lifting the vocals in a mesmeric swirl, cascading into cymbal swells & ominous harmonies. Juni Habel is Joni Mitchell meets Nick Drake meets Dr. John, The Nighttripper; wholly unique, yet reminiscent of the ancient magic, & its knack for intricate, but subtle & approachable complexities.

This writer is extremely thankful for such honest music – fully & unapologetically human – making its way through a world of grid-bound robotic pop, but one cannot quantize or pitch- correct work of this character into submission. Follow further below, for what is sure to be more compelling compositions:

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