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Family Animals – Blizzard Bull

Family Animals – Blizzard Bull

‘Tis the Holiday Season, & none like any we’ve seen in a century – perhaps, in the history of the Earth. Taking a step into the familiar classics makes for comforting surroundings during these troubled times; with most of us unable to be close to the ones we love, it is nice to find sanctuary when it shows itself – in this instance, through music. There are a great many Holiday hits which span the reaches of standard art, existing outside of the void that dates most popular music – indeed, how often does one hear Louis Armstrong/ John Lennon/ Nat King Cole/ Darlene Love in succession throughout the rest of the year?

Thusly, it is with great enthusiasm that we introduce to you a ‘new’ song to pair with your Holidaze: the phantasmagoric ‘Blizzard Bull‘, by the always groovy Scranton PA band, Family Animals. Having had the pleasure to celebrate their catalog throughout the past decade, here is one particular, glistening gem amongst a greater quarry. A gorgeous, snowflake-dancing-in-the-wind melody, which weaves its way through a blue note- dashed, myriad of chord progressions, harmonies, & subtle dynamism. This is exquisite composing, wrought with particularity & highly-detailed minutiae – the kind that keeps the listener coming back for more – unveiling new & intriguing glimpses of the greater picture upon each listen.

Bury me, I’ll achieve that ultimate buzz‘ – perhaps the most 2020 Christmas line I’ve found yet.

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