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Quilll – Yoga In The Living Room

Quilll – Yoga In The Living Room

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“Yoga In The Living Room” is a Lofi Hip-Hop instrumental with slight hints of psychedelic soul and R&B.

What has been keeping you busy during lockdowns, quarantines, & the limited space of plague life? Quilll’s most recent effort, Yoga In The Living Room, offers us some insight into shaking off the physical & metaphysical dust during these moments of stress & struggle.

Right off the bat, one knows this is a force to be reckoned with, as a unique, syncopated undercurrent weaves its rhythms into your pulse, swaying in the momentum, like snowflakes in the breeze of a winter storm. Microtonal vocal samples push & pull on traditional melodies, as a low, growling bass runs a mission of pure, unobscured purpose. Meanwhile, sirens come in & out of the foreground; but keep that mind focused… we are in a place of existential enlightenment here – time/ space bends how we allow it, whilst our 3rd/4th eyes are acutely focused… But back to those sirens… deep breaths.

Awash in a sea of ‘lo-fi‘ & ‘study beats’, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in the heavily saturated world of 2021 music, but alas, Quilll is here to set your ears free. 

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