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KALMO – Breathe Part I

KALMO – Breathe Part I

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“Music appears to be a pure realm of the soul, free of the world of things.”

Many musicians have slowed down their complicated schedules due to the coronavirus hit. Work has been lost, however, art somehow remains alive and is still surviving. Going through Ben Goldberg’s Plague Diary was a weird and beautiful déjà vu for me every now and then. The clarinet was a protagonist in dark recording days.

KALMO came in to visit my ears not long ago, and the loop of connectivity hit me again in a different form of acoustics. Breath part I comes off their full-length album INCORPOREA and it represents the very action that keeps us alive. It seems as the music collective can move between cracks, mending everything together with the power of sounds. The clarinet flutters like a beautiful butterfly into the spring air, and the guitar, bass, drums, and synths evolve in confidence and with spatial depth oxygenating any thoughts of improvisation. Find your peace in these mesmerizing tracks.

Listen to the album:

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