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Social Media – Protector

Social Media – Protector

Protector by Social Media is a caress directed to the soul. The track feats a very soothing voice and some psychedelic synths that will transport you between a lovely mood and a hypnotizing one.

One of the best elements of this track, in my opinion, is the lyrics. For a protective person like me, these touch my soul.

“It was written through the lens of a flawed protagonist who promises to stand by and care for the one they love. The song expresses an array of emotions, ranging from guilt and insecurity to confidence (or perhaps the false sense of confidence) that are felt when caring for someone”

But another element that I’d also like to highlight is how the artist created a very coherent soundscape. There are no elements that don’t fit. Each one of them has a strong cohesion with each other and is part of this modern and psychedelic lullaby. I also love how the singer didn’t try to show off anything, he uses his voice as an instrument, with his soft voice, he’s capable of transport you along with the other instruments.

Social Media, otherwise known as John Messina, is a New Jersey-based songwriter and producer. Their sound incorporates heavily layered atmospheric synths, folk acoustic guitar, indie-pop melodies, ethereal vocals, and often a combination of acoustic and electronic percussion. Protector” is the first release from Social Media on Blanket Fort.

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